Sailing through Amsterdam

Sailing through Amsterdam is an incredible experience and gives you a different perspective of the city. Amsterdam is a true miracle and water is it’s engine. Starting as a swampy settlement around the Amstel and the IJ it grew into the center of the world. When the city started expanding in the late 16th century, the ‘Grachtengordel’ was built in about 50 years. The rich and famous all built their individual houses on the newly constructed waterways. This Canal District turns Amsterdam into a Unesco World Heritage site. One hundred miles of canals, close to 2000 bridges, possibilities to sail seem endless.

Amsterdam Green Tours takes you on a trip through time. A journey from the present to the past with a glimpse of the future. It is fascinating to see how all these periods are not only present in today’s Amsterdam but connected as well. Old industrial timber ports the Houthavens, for example, become new residential areas. In the meantime, the Municipal pawnshop is still housed in a building from 1550, while the VOC storage warehouse has been converted into a museum. In the end you realize you traveled up and down 500 years in only an hour or two!

Amsterdam has reinvented itself a number of times. After the Golden Age, the city slowly but steadily declined. Ultimately, it took until the end of the 19th century for a new period of prosperity to begin that continues to this day.

Is it safe to tour during Corona times?

Yes, it is, because we are taking your safety and our safety very seriously. Therefore we operate according to the rules of the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment). While on board our boat, everyone will be expected to maintain 1,5 meter distance from the captain and anyone else from other households. A face mask is not mandatory at this point, but feel free to use one! The boat will be disinfected between each tour. Since we use an open boat there’s enough fresh air to keep us safe.

Palace-of-Justice-IJ-Amsterdam-perspective-now-RIVM-corona rules