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About & Contact provides you with information about Amsterdam Green Tours (AGT). We organize walking, biking and sailing tours of Amsterdam and the Netherlands. AGT is a tour operator from Amsterdam working with professionals. Consequently you discover we operate smoothly through years of experience. We all link a university background in the Humanities with great curiosity. Hence AGT guides easily combine historical knowledge with current events. Many guides are artists, photographers, designer or historians. As a result you’ll be treated with views and information that cannot be found in books. All these qualities make your tour a real personal experience where culture and nature change penny.

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The guides of Amsterdam Green Tours are professionals with a broad background in the Humanities. They master several disciplines in the cultural field. Many maintain a lively practice as an artist, curator, historian or teacher. Therefore we introduce ourselves through the activities we undertake. Most of the images you find as examples relate to other websites.
More about what Amsterdam Green Tours does and why

The Anatomical Lesson of Dr. Tulp by Rembrandt is an undisputed masterpiece with all kinds of different layers. His concept is always clearly depicted with the minimal use of color. That is why there is something new to discover with every encounter. This character of Rembrandt’s work serves as an inspiration for what we do at Amsterdam Green Tours.


A meeting with a male duck upside down on the wall in the subway is quite unexpected. Coming up from the Rokin station you notice the archaeological finds in between the escalators. Then it dawns on you that the duck represents a contemporary fossil. Coming above ground again it feels like you’ve been on a time travel. Amsterdam Green Tours encourages such experiences wherever possible.