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Amsterdam is home to Amsterdam Green Tours. We offer fascinating, green tours of the capital city and the Netherlands at a personal level. As a result each tour is different and full of discoveries that can be applied anytime, anywhere! We feel fortunate being able to guide you around historical places that are still relevant in our society today.

Walks in and around Amsterdam

Sailing through the City

Culture and Nature

Amsterdam Green Tours creates the conditions for new experiences and insights. Obviously especially for you, based on a general need within ourselves and the AGT organization. Accordingly we are motivated to develop and learn, so that we can be sure that tomorrow is different from today!

Amsterdam Green Tours guides are local experts who share fascinating background stories with you. Whether you sail through the canals, visit a museum or walk across the Red Light District. We link historical facts and personal accounts to sharp observations. Chances are that you will look at your surroundings with different eyes after the tour.

You’ll have a great experience and wonderful time wherever you go, in or outside of Amsterdam. In retrospect, it is clear that every square centimeter in the Netherlands has been touched by human hands. In short: the Netherlands is almost completely designed.

The weather conditions have undeniably changed in recent years. A serious point of attention for the Netherlands because more than 50% of the country is below sea level. The Dutch became experts in reclaiming land through centuries of experience of living and working with water. Moreover, they are known worldwide for their craftsmanship when it comes to water management. We’ll inform you about these challenges with a major political, economic and social impact.

This video, of a group of excited children of different nationalities on an excursion in the Vondelpark, gives a good impression of the atmosphere during our tours.

Here we will keep you updated with a selection of things we undertake, find most interesting and what we experience. For a more thorough overview see our New & Backgrounds page.

Is it safe to tour during Corona times?

Yes, it is, because we are taking your safety and our safety very seriously. Therefore we operate according to the rules of the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment). While on a walking tour, during a museum visit or on board our boat, everyone will be expected to maintain 1,5 meter distance from the guide/captain and anyone else from other households. A face mask is not mandatory at this point, but feel free to use one! The boat will be disinfected between each tour. Since we use an open boat there’s enough fresh air to keep us safe.