Workshops & Masterclasses

The Workshops & Masterclasses of Amsterdam Green Tours are under the inspiring leadership of Marcella van Zanten. Workshops connect theory and practice, mind with matter. The context is briefly outlined and explored and everyone can work at their own level. Workshops are concluded with a joint discussion about the work done. Again and again this turns out to be a very instructive part of the course!

Van Zanten maintains a practice as an artist, curator and teacher. In addition she completed a master’s degree in Art Education at the Amsterdam School of the Arts in 2011. The combination of Marcella’s personality with these various competences guarantees a special session. Even when you leave her qualities as a guide out of consideration.


His chiaroscuro, his light and dark scenes are well known, so is his way of painting. That he almost sculpts his composition on to the canvas was revolutionary for the time. This also applies to his graphic work, as you can see below. Rembrandt regularly came to the Riekermolen up the Amstel to make sketches. In this workshop you will follow in his footsteps and find out what made him such an exceptional artist.


Monet escaped the French-German war in 1870. He came to the Netherlands and England, finding his way to paint water surfaces. You will see the locations that inspired him. Most famous is his painting of the Groenburgwal leading up to the Zuiderkerk (below). This tour is designed to allow you to try it yourself!


Vincent van Gogh lived in Amsterdam for only a year to study Greek and Latin. In his letters he describes several places around Amsterdam to his brother Theo. He lived around the corner of the Ruijterkade, painted much later in 1885. In France he longs for Dutch windmills and bridges. Discover how he made his paintings by experiencing it yourself and get to know him better.


Piet Mondriaan studied at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. You can see his classical education from this landscape along the Gein river. It is stunning to follow the development in his work from fairly realistic to fully abstract (left). It seems logical Mondriaan lived in Amsterdam first before leaving for Paris and New York. On the basis of a simple assignment this workshop clearly explains why.


Het theoretisch eindexamenprogramma voor de kunstvakken in het centraal eindexamen, dat alle leerlingen moeten doen, is nog leuker wanneer je er professionele hulp van afgestudeerde kunstdocenten bij krijgt. Deze op masterniveau afgestudeerde docenten helpen bij de voorbereiding van de examens.
Zowel voor dans, drama, tekenen als handvaardigheid. Er rouleren diverse thema’s, waar een docent vaak geen tijd voor heeft en niet in is opgeleid. Docenten moeten dat ook nog zelf voorbereiden, niets prettiger dan een korte workshop van iemand uit het vakgebied. Vaak weten we allemaal wel iets maar niet over elke discipline.
U kunt ook voor uw leerlingen op school een theoretische bijscholing krijgen, een bezoek aan een museum brengen onder begeleiding en een verwerkingsopdracht achteraf op school doen.
Op vindt U de beschrijving van het curriculum op alle niveaus voor CKV, Culturele en Kunstzinnige Vorming.

Drawing 20, transfer on ceramic. © Timon Hagen

Klara Alexova in Zweep, 2011. © Jochem Jurgens