The Anne Frank House

The Frank family spent a good two years hiding behind the bookcase in the ‘Achterhuis’ at the Prinsengracht. They lived behind the company of Otto Frank together with the van Pels family and Mr Pfeffer. No surprise the diary of Anne became the symbol of what happened to the Jews in World War II.

There is no way out when you take a tour of the Secret Annex. The result of shuttered windows, narrow stairs and creaky floors. You will inevitably experience the oppressive atmosphere in which the 8 residents lived daily.

How the people in hiding were discovered and whether they were betrayed are two of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Anne Frank. Your guide will fill you in on the details, providing you with a sketch of wartime Amsterdam under German occupation. Lots of information is supported with first-hand personal stories of survivors.

According to the Anne Frank House, it is impossible to draw a conclusion with certainty from all existing possible statements regarding the raid and betrayal. A fascinating history that leaves no one untouched.

After the war Otto Frank returned home from Auschwitz as the only survivor of the group of eight. He managed to publish his daughter’s diary in 1947. He hoped that readers of the diary would become aware of the dangers of discrimination, racism, and hatred of Jews. Even today a relevant theme.