SUMMER SPECIAL, Amsterdam Walk & Boat Tour

summer special GROOT

This summer special of a combined walk and boat trip is the ideal tour for a general introduction to the city center of Amsterdam. You sail the 17th century center where all the houses were individually built. Everyone of any importance in the Golden Age wanted to distinguish themselves from the neighbors. If possible through a wider building with higher windows, lots of natural stone and more decorations was. As a result, Amsterdam has become a wonderful lively open-air museum. Since 2010 the grachtengordel or ‘Canal Belt’ turned Amsterdam into a Unesco World Heritage site.

Get a thorough introduction of Amsterdam by walking the neighbourhood of your choice in combination with a relaxed boat trip

You will discover that the city looks a lot different from the water. The Lastage, a shipbuilding and industrial site dating back to the 16th century, now houses the Scheepvaarthuis, former headquarters renovated into the Amrath Hotel